Welcome to the "Delphics" homepage!!!last updated 7-15, links....We now have smaller wav lengths!!!.... Brandon Krazinski- Vocals, Rhythm Guitar... James Messina- Bass.. Jake Collins- Lead Guitar, vocals..Scott Kenyon- trumpetman , vocals .... Marc Chamberlain- drums, vocals...........

My name is Marc Chamberlain and the main reason I am doing this dumb page is to advertise my band, Delphics . Members of the band include James Messina, Jacob Collins, Brandon Krazinski , Marc Chamberlain and Scott Kenyon.

Send me mail and tell me how much we suck/rule. Or to tell me about a problem you have with this page. Don't use any physical force on any memebers of the band or on anyone who helped with the making of the page. Write to me and tell me what you think is wrong and what you think we should change.

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Delphics are a ska band straight out of Horseheads, NY

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